Adventures in Arizona

Every journey is a quest, whether you know it or not. The people and experiences will ebb and flow by themselves- don’t deny yourself these adventures.

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Journey to The Canyon

So this is what happens when you invite yourself on road trips. 

Several months ago, I invited myself on a trip with my bestie from Jr. High (Citrus Hills!!!!! Wow that takes me back) and her friends. She was telling me about it and I was like- hey I'm coming with you. Fast forward several months and I’m on a flight to Ontario, CA.  The Grand Canyon had always been on my bucket list, but not as high up there as international travel. I can’t help it- I’m a beach girl, so when I vacay, it’s to the ocean, wherever that may be, and not so much an outdoorsy explore America vacay. But when I do get to explore America, I always wonder why I haven’t done it SOONER.

PRO TIP: Apparently, locals refer to the Grand Canyon- “the canyon”.

I'm still not sure how I would like to refer to it. THE Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon. The grand canyon. The canyon. REALLY THOUGH Does it matter? Y’all know what I’m talking about.

I really wanted to go on this trip to get some awesome landscape photos and have some girl time. This past years’ trips have been to see friends and family, and not anything recreational. Which is completely fine, but sometimes I get that itch to explore, experience, create, and soak in new views. I really wasn't sure what it would actually be like- the canyon. I've seen pictures, like everyone else. But to stand at the edge and look down down down, and still NOT see the bottom. Wow, what an experience.

02222018 Grand Canyon-34.jpg

We had plenty of snacks for the road, all 6.5 hours drive of it. Oh and along the way it snowed. We may or may not have been driving through a blizzard, but it’s cool, everything's fine. 40 miles of limited visibility. 4 girls packed into a Honda Fit. Who’ve never driven in snow. 10 pm at night. In the middle of nowhere. It’s fine. EVERYTHINGS FINE.

Bedrock City

On our way out, we saw this cool looking sign: Fred’s Diner and Bedrock City. It looked faded and worn out, a perfect recipe for exploring and spontaneity. It was a $5 fee to get into the back to see Bedrock City and wow it was fun! #worthit.  It was a couple acres of nothing but flintstone inspired homes and cars and everything you could imagine! It felt like we had been dropped right into the Flintstone cartoon. So, if you’re on your way back from the Canyon, check it out- the kiddos will love it too.

02222018 Grand Canyon-74.jpg

As we entered the home stretch into California, we took a scenic route through the desert. It was gorgeous and full of interesting things to see, abandoned buildings, de-capitated palm trees, names written in rocks along the railroad tracks for miles and miles and miles- I have it on my list to go back. So, who’s down for next roadtrip and where should we go?



#ExistinPhotos- New Print Products

Ya'll, I am SO exciting about some new products that I have available for you! I spent months scouring the interwebs, searching for the highest quality, unique, and glamorous products for my clients. So without further ado, here are my *NEW* Heirloom Glass Boxes, with mounted prints.

I absolutely love the delicate glass, encased in gold framing, complete with a sliding tab to keep that lid in place. Inside, you'll find mounted prints, which are your photos, professionally printed and mounted on styrene. This makes them thicker, more durable and protects against warping and creasing. And as always, the finish is in a beautiful METALLIC finish- my favorite!

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Heather & Matt | Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding | Gladstone, New Jersey

Heather & Matt | Hamilton Farm Golf Club Wedding | Gladstone, New Jersey

Heather and Matt’s beautiful and elegant summer wedding had accents of sunflowers, peonies and white roses. Hamilton Farm Club in Gladstone, New Jersey provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding day. The ceremony was beautiful and moving. It was, a photographer’s dream.

Pole Fitness Portraits- Marisa

I don't know what to write today- but here are some really awesome pictures of a pole dancer. I really enjoy capturing part of someone's pole journey. Doesn't she make it look so easy? 

Urban Portrait Session in Deep Ellum, Dallas- Julienne

Ever heard of Blogilates and Cassey Ho? Blogilates is a workout channel on YouTube, hosted by Cassey. It is free and it is amazing! Cassey emails you a workout calendar every.single.month to follow along on YouTube excuses! Anyways, Cassey came to Dallas to host a class and book signing! I was so excited to meet her! AND this is where I met Julienne. She is an official POPster and TEACHES POP Pilates at 24 Hour Fitness, on Mockingbird in Dallas, Mondays @ 8 pm. You can also find her as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. AND she teaches PiYo at Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas. What an inspirational lady! 

We met up to do a fitness inspired photoshoot at an old warehouse in Deep Ellum, Dallas. It was so much fun and makes me wish I had an old warehouse all to myself 24/7. Julienne was a good sport- we had so many poses and ideas to get through, we were there for almost 3 hours (!). Of course, it helps that there are many yoga poses to choose from and she can nail every single one of them.

Have you ever been inspired to capture your fitness journey? What makes YOU move? And are you guilty of wearing your "Athleisure" clothes everywhere? 'Cuz I am. 


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Behind the Scenes: Glamour Portrait Session in Lewisville, TX

Behind the Scenes: Glamour Portrait Session in Lewisville, TX

One of the most important things for me to do for my clients during a portrait session is #1: Create photos they love and #2: Have. Fun. Both are equal in importance. 

Glamour Portrait Session- Monica

Glamour Portrait Session- Monica

One of my favorite things about a portrait session is the hair. I love to make what I call "Beyonce hair". Place a fan on the floor and let the wind blow your hair all over the place to create interesting shapes. Playing Beyonce music simultaneously also helps bring out your inner Queen B. It is known.

Glamour Portrait Session: Emily

Glamour Portrait Session: Emily

We had a lot of fun in this session- and that's the goal of all of my portrait sessions. To make sure you laugh and have a good time. It can feel ridiculous and awkward in front of the camera. Holding your arms at weird angles, tilting this way and that, not being sure where to look- I completely understand. How do I look? Are my eyes open? Am I making a weird face?